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This is a multifaceted and multidisciplinary project that consists in the study of the importance of literary and artistic periodical publications as a pamphlet and medium for diffusing the modernist movement in the first phase of Portuguese Modernism.

The temporal marks applied will be those of 1910-1926, since it was between these two dates that Portuguese Modernism asserted itself in its foundations and it is the period that corresponds to the so-called “First Portuguese Modernism”. The year 1910 marks the beginning of a new political-social phase in Portugal, as well as the emergence of two magazines, namely A Águia and Límia. The latter had not been digitized until now and has been little studied.

The figure of Pessoa should be clearly highlighted in this period, whose departure from A Águia led to the publication of Orpheu (1915), commonly accepted as the beginning of Modernism in Portugal. On the other side of the temporal spectrum, 1926 is also the beginning of a dictatorship, after 16 years of successive failed governments. The date of 1927 thus sees the emergence of a new era in Portuguese Modernism, with the appearance of the magazine presença and a new definition/complexification of what is meant by 'Literary Magazine'.

We intend, therefore, that this site is a source of consultation available to all scholars and researchers of Portuguese and European Modernism, as well as to the curious or interested mind in reading these magazines, a faithful and unmistakable mirror of an era.

This collection consists of about three dozen important literary and artistic magazines. The selection does not include academic journals.

This work is directly funded by FCT, as a result of the approval of a post-doctoral project (FCT - Scholarship SFRH/BPD/101758/2014).


Ricardo Marques