Mário Sá-Carneiro

   Mário de Sá-Carneiro por Almada Negreiros, gravura riscada em vidro acrílico, 1964 (pormenor)



Born on the 19th of may, in Lisbon.


His mother dies.


Travels with his father around Europe.


Visits Paris again with his father.


Writes the play Amizade with Tomás Cabreira Júnior.


Tomás Cabreira Júnior commits suicide with a gun shot in the patio of Liceu Camões, on the 8th of January.
In October he moves to Coimbra to study Law, and abandons the course in December.


Publishes a book of short stories, Princípio.
Meets Fernando Pessoa.

Goes to Paris with the intention of studying Law at the Sorbonne.


Returns to Lisbon at the end of June. 


Publishes two books, A Confissão de Lúcio, a narrative,and Dispersão, poems.
Returns to Paris in July, but the outbreak of war brings him back to Lisbon in September.  


Participates with Fernando Pessoa in the organization and publication of two issues of a magazine funded by his father, Orpheu – the first issue comes out in March, the second in June.
In Orpheu, as well as a Futuristic parody-poem Manucure, he publishes part of his poems for the book Indícios de Oiro, which will be published by Presença in 1937.  que há-de ser editado pela presença em 1937.
Publishes a book of short stories, Céu em Fogo.
Leaves for Paris in July.


Commits suicide on the 26th of April in a room at the Hotel de Nice.